2. From Purse to Purpose – Flight Mode


From Purse to Purpose – Why is it so important for us to make this journey ASAP!

Continuing our trail of thought from our previous post on why it is important to move from Ambition to Vision, we see that personal ambitions propelled by a desire for acquiring more money is the main reasons why humanity is digging its own grave.

The root cause is the misconception that with money we can acquire more things, more power, more pleasure and our belief that having more leads to more happiness. And that misconception leads us to set wrong personal ambitions. And wrong personal ambitions when taken by more and more people, can lead nowhere but self-destruction.

There are innumerable examples around us and we just have to pause and look at it.


All these and more are corrupted, or getting corrupted by people motivated by strong personal ambition to make more money.


  1. Johnson & Johnson is a classic example of ambition gone wrong.
  2. Private hospitals in the name of advanced technologies causing long-term damage to humanity. For e.g Birthing. Birthing is a multi billion dollar industry capitalizing on the fear of parents, to exploit them and to push them to adopt for C sections and painless delivery. When nature has prepared our body, fully capable of giving a perfectly natural child-birth, we have now come to strongly believe that a natural birth is impossible without medical intervention. There are people like Lamazze who have been in the past 8 decades or so trying to bring back the capability of a human to give natural birth. Read up more on this and then you will feel shocked as to how hospitals have completely changed our thinking in the last 40 years.
  3. Doctors in 3rd world countries being bribed day in and day out to prescribe drugs that are banned internationally

We are seeing all this happening, just because of the human greed to earn more! What a colossal damage to the humanity!


What is education? why education? what are the goals of education? How much of content is enough content? What are we preparing our students for? Why should success be defined as winning over all others? Are we over obsessing with the concept of assessment? Why should education be standardized?

There are these innumerable questions and 9 out of 10 private school owners would have no clue on any of these in India. Because Liquor shop owners, political binamies and Petrol bunk owners are starting up more schools with a motive to earn more money. Schools for them is just an other cash cow! What would come out of such a system would be disaster.

On the other side are these publishers and private education players who would push anything and everything in the name of ‘smart’ education into schools. Where is the child? Where is the learning?

Parents too play a key role in allowing such schools to crop up, because we want our kid to be performing better than the neighbours kid.  One mark less and I will be holding the teacher’s throat. As long as the child is scoring good, I don’t care what happens in the school. We would look into the school infrastructure and admit the child and not into the curriculum. Because the ‘PURSE’ attitude comes again. The more the mark, the better college admission. The better the college, the better will be the placement. The better the placement, the better package. The better the package, the better will be the dowry!

In this rate, we are heading to a total disaster. There is no doubt about it.


Media is the biggest of these mafias and it can make or break a nation. Every click that you make on a news piece, the more value you are adding to that ‘type’ of news.

Let us do a small test – What news would you choose between the two:

  1. Another NIRBHAYA style rape
  2. College student proposes alternate idea of taxation.
  1. 21 new sex positions that improve your heart
  2. 21 startups that are making an impact in the society
  1. Shocking celebrity break up!
  2. What can you do to environmental protection


Statistics say that the first type of news pieces are read the most. In B schools our students have been taught how to sell! What news sells and how to make money from business is all that is taught. Not about purpose!

The time is now to start making decisions based on purpose and not by purse.

Teach your children that working with a purpose is what happiness is and not acquiring wealth.

We as youth of this nation have to realize this and move the nation in the right direction. As leaders, entrepreneurs, thikers, we need to build a stronger India, rooted in this knowledge that,Wealth is a means, not the destination.

The larger our purpose, the greater will be our satisfaction. The larger our purse, greater will be our fears, disappointments and loss.

Wake up India!