Among all the resolutions that I got, reducing weight tops the list. 🙂 It’s good to see you all giving importance to your health. While ‘reducing weight’ tops the ‘most popular resolution’ list, it would also top the ‘most failed resolution’ list. 🙂 Simply because our mind doesn’t want to take any extra pains to reduce weight. Though the intellect says “Careful. You are gaining weight. You need to exercise.” The mind says “Shut up. I am still young. It’s fine if I don’t exercise today.”

So how do we make our mind shut up and listen to our intellect? Here are a few simple steps to get fit. While most blogs would give you tips on how to exercise and reduce weight, I want to go to the subtler element of achieving any goal – Dealing with Your mind.

1. Trick your mind

Well how does your mind trick you to skip exercise? Use the same trick back to the mind. 

When the mind says “Not today.” Tell your mind “Just today.”

When your mind says “Five more minutes, let me sleep.” Tell your mind “Get up. It’s just five minutes early! What’s the big deal.”

2. Take charge of your mind:

Most of the time, it is the mind that is in charge of us. take charge of your mind. Let it do what you say. remember, mind is your slave and not your master. Deal with the mind, as you deal with your servant and not as a master. If you decide to exercise for 10 mins, then it better follow your command. No compromise. 

3. Mind loves numbers

Don’t give option to yourself. “I want to exercise 10 to 20 minutes.” Don’t give options. Be specific. Say “I will exercise 10 minutes today.”  

Lastly, don’t worry about how many Kilos / pounds you want to lose. Instead focus on how much time you want to exercise. If you focus on the exercise, your weight will automatically reduce.  

So don’t set your goal as “I want to lose so many KGs.” Instead set it as “20 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week.”


Focus on your everyday action and the result will automatically come. 

All the very best for your good health. If you have any difficulty taking charge of your mind, write to me at theideamonk@gmail.com