1. AMBITION to VISION – Flight mode


Welcome onboard. This is the first article in the Flight Mode series and the most important one.


Seriously. Just pause for a moment and think. What are we running for in this world? What is that deepest desire propelling us to act? Why do companies exist? Why do people want to go to work and earn more? Why do we want to marry and procreate? Why do religions exist? What is that deepest desire?

The answer is EXPANSION. The deepest desire for all of us is to expand ourselves. A small company wants to grow big – Expansion. We want to marry and procreate – Expansion. If not marry, we want to have many girl friends and boy friends. Why? Expansion. We want to get a better house, better car, better friends. Why? Expansion.

Somewhere deep within, the desire to expand is there. Even the universe is constantly expanding!!!

But why? Why do we want to expand? Why do we want to acquire more and expand?

Here is my theory.

Let us go back to our childhood days. While we were still crawling and looking around things, the very first time when we moved around in our belly and got hold of a toy, we felt elated. Our parents rejoiced because we could move. But alas, as a child we understood that our parents are happy because we could ‘acquire’ something. Ever since, we have been constantly trying to go out and acquire with a misapprehension that, it is acquiring and possessing that makes us feel happy.

That was our first desire to expand. Few years down the line, now, we have many things acquired and hoping to acquire many more, thinking that having more will make me more happy. But pause, my friend, pause.

Happiness is not in things. Happiness is within. The greatest sages who walked this earth knew this wisdom. The upanishadic statements of hinduism declare that we don’t have to wander outside to get happiness. Happiness is our nature.

Socrates, walked to the bazaar everyday and stood besides the shops just to see how happy he was without having any of them!

There are many masters who have understood this principle.

But alas the world is blindly running behind materialism, to acquire and feel more happy. It is a myth my fellow beings.

In the race to run powerful governments to get a beautiful house, we have gone far from our very nature of happiness. Senselessly searching outside for happiness in things and beings.

A few years back, in my corporate world, I had a great ambition to earn more, get to better position, etc. But one day it hit me hard that my desire for expansion through materialism is only leading to more misery. And slowly I started channelizing my desire to expand into larger vision, instead of personal ambition.

Now my desires are to impact the lives of millions of people, and not earn millions of dollars. My desire is to spread maximum happiness and not maximize my profits. My desire is to work with a purpose and not for my purse!

And this transformation was the greatest gift I could give myself.

May you also ‘Stop running behind buckets of happiness and discover that ocean of happiness within you. ‘