Flight Mode – From AM to IM



All of us are constantly trying to improve ourselves – As individuals, as corporates as a community! The desire to move from ‘what I am/we are’ currently to ‘where I want to be/we want to be’ is what propels this world.

The journey we want to take is sometime materialistic, sometimes emotional and sometimes spiritual.

I have completed my schooling – I want to move from schooling to graduate!

For a graduate, the journey is from college to work.

For an employee – Associate to Sr.Associate, Manager to VP, VP to Director and so on

For a family man/woman – 2BHK to 3 BHK, Mini car to SUV, No child to Child etc.


Emotionally the journeys we take are:

From Anger to Peace

From fear to Courage

From Dependence to Freedom


From Clutter to Clarity

From Imbalance to Balance

and so on


Spiritually the journey we take are:

From Bondage to liberation

From mindlessness to mindfulness

From Finite to Infinite

From pleasure to happiness

From Purse to Purpose

and so on.

In this flight mode series starting from 27th October, we shall be taking each of these journeys and dwelling deep into it with the help of the age-old wisdom of our masters who had much more time contemplating on these deeper topics without the disturbances of the digital world.

All of us are running for something or the other in life. Many a times, without any idea about what we are running for and why we are running for. These articles will help us pause, reflect and enhance the way we interact with the world outside and within. It will help us gain clarity to handle what is outside and what is inside better.

Ultimate objective being able to be happy and peaceful from within.

Looking forward to be able to share my thoughts through these blogs and for interacting with you all from across the globe.