‘Flight Mode’ Series – Starting Oct 27th


‘Flight Mode’ is a series of articles that I would like to write on. Flight Mode is my favourite high productivity zone. Let me explain it.

I have always looked forward for flight journeys, not because I can fly at 35,000 feet and feel insignificant about life, humanity and my own petty problems that don’t seem to matter anymore, but because they have been my most productive time.

In a flight we are forced to go off the grid and naturally so we are cut off from the world thereby liberating ourselves from the unending notifications through email and what’s app messages. We are free from time sucking Facebook and ever enchanting Instagrams. And all that are left with is a bunch of serious looking and boring neighbours.

So Flight is probably one of the few places when I am fully focussed on any work that I would want to do. I get things done in a two to three-hour flight, which otherwise would have taken me more than a month. You get solid time to complete any of your work with complete focus. And with focus, it is possible to accomplish anything.

Peter Shankman, the delightfully creative and easily distracted social business leader, was diagnosed with ADHD. Yet, he was able to write 3 books. How did he do it? Here is what he says

“All three books I’ve written, I wrote simply by booking a flight to Tokyo and booking a flight back – no WiFi. I would write have the book on the plane out, and half the book on the plane back. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what I did and it worked for me. When you buy a $6,000 flight to Tokyo, you’re not going to miss that flight. You have to be able to put this stuff in writing and you have to know what you’re doing; you just have to.” Says Peter in one of the interviews.

It is important we tune ourselves in the flight ode from time to time and focus on our self improvement. because in this life nothing else other than improving ones own self matters. nothing else other than discovering the source of happiness within matters. Nothing other than performing to ones potential matters. Flight mode series is going to be a series of 50 superbly curated techniques and tips to improve ourselves. Performing to our full potential is the ultimate gift that we can give ourselves. The joy in it is unlimited.

So buckle up. Fasten your seat belts. And let us travel from AM to IM.

What is AM to IM? Wait for the next article. flight_mode