How to be happy by choice?


Happiness is a choice

I learned that happiness is something that is cultivated from within.
Without any inner peace, one cannot ever be happy.

I learned that happiness is a choice. 
It is not something that is given like a gift that is given to someone,  it is something that can be attained by earning it.

Nothing is given for free, everything must be earned. The person who is happy and always be happy has made up his or her mind to be happy. The person who is not happy has not made his or her mind to be happy.

All those years of my life I have been searching for happiness and I learned today I have been looking for it all in the wrong place. Happiness is something that is already built in me and each and everyone of us, we just have to unravel and bring it out to existence.

Thanks to all the reading, listening to audiobooks,  watching youtube videos, and doing research on google that helped me see the light.

Today I choose to be happy.  This is the day that my life is going to be so beautiful and no one and absolutely no one can take that away from me.

Written by

Jean M. Numa.

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