How could I possibly miss this one! This should have been the first one that I should have shared with you all. 

This poem remained as my desktop wallpaper for almost a month… 

My favourite and the most inspiring of the lot. Every line is powerful. Every line is hitting.

Remember your new year resolutions? How have we progressed in that! Do you want to? That is the most important question. “Are you in earnest?” Asks the poet. BOLD it. Underline it. 

and if you are in earnest, then BEGIN it… It will be done. 

I remember very well, about a year and a half back, I read the poem over and over again. I memorized it. I set it as my desktop background and the day came when I said “Enough is enough. How long am I going to be afraid of failure! Let me BEGIN.” And that small beginning has taken me so far. 

Now, whatever it is that you have been wanting to change, make a small beginning today – it could be a habit change, it could be an idea, it could be relationship, whatever, take the first step.  

Best wishes

The Idea Monk