How to win over jealousy?


I am thankful to Wayne Dyer for his collection of Poems in his book ‘Wisdom of Ages’. 

It is a great inspiration to go through his collection. This is again taken from that book.

I have told you earlier I had this problem of jealousy. And a few weeks back we even cracked the formula of Jealousy! That jealousy is greater when my self-esteem is lower. 

This poem beautifully points it out. We are special and unique in our own way. The first step to self-esteem is to appreciate what you have.

As the poet says,  

“Talents differ: all is well and wisely put; 

If I cannot carry forests on my back, 

Neither can you crack a nut.” 

Powerful lines to think through the day. Have a wonderful day ahead. 


The Idea Monk