Master Piece – On Assumptions

Starting today will share some the inspiring words of my MATSER! 🙂

I like this one especially on ASSUMPTIONS.

Last year I had taken a few sessions on family harmony and what I discovered that was assumptions was undoubtedly one of the key ingredient in relationship problems. 

Be it at home with family members, relatives or at office we are assuming all the time.

If someone doesn’t smile at us, we assume that person doesn’t like us. If someone doesn’t pick our call we assume the other person is ignoring us. 

It could be true. But why assume! Let the benefit of doubt be on the positive side.  

Even with ourselves we assume! I assume I am stupid, I am a failure, I am an idiot and what not! Assuming that we are, why not assume that we are the BEST in the world, the greatest of the creation and the SMARTEST of the people! 🙂

Wish you a Happy assuming day.. 🙂

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