Master Piece – On Broken Trust

This applies not just for breaking someone’s trust.. but even for other things that pull us down. 

There are times, when we feel, this is it, my life is not worth anymore. I am going to QUIT!

My love is rejected & denied – I want to quit.

My pockets are empty – I want to quit.

No one seems to be loving me – I want to quit.

Loss in business – I want to quit.

I was in one such situation in my life recently and bang came the message from my master – “NEVER MIND. You will be stronger in future. It is not the END!”

If I had quit when I suffered a heavy loss in THE IDEA MONK venture a few years back, this beautiful unfoldment wouldn’t have happened. So hold on friend. Help is on it’s way. 

Happy Going! 🙂

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