Master Piece – On Improving ourselves

People ask me ‘why should we ever try to improve? Can’t we be just who we are? Why change? Why take resolutions and improve upon ourselves?’

Well dear ones, nobody is holding a knife on our throat to improve! It is purely our wish.

How would it be if video game had just one level. No challenges, no difficulties, no level ups! So too is life. Improving upon ourselves is like moving to the next level. That’s what is special about the game of life. 

Nature is our inspiration. It is ever improving upon itself. That’s how we humans exist today. If nature was satisfied with the homo sapiens, we would not exist today! 

There would be a day when we might have to upgrade our software from MEN to XMEN 1.0! Who knows! Would you do it then? 🙂

Happy Improving! 🙂 

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