Mindless Plastic


You have heard enough of global warming and how plastic is destroying the environment. 

My master once said “Stop worrying about the world getting destroyed.  The world will know to rejuvenate.  But it is you who are destroying yourself. ” 

It is very important to have this perspective on mind.  It is not the world,  but ourselves that we are mindlessly destroying by all sorts of pollution. 

Taking my first step towards reducing my plastic consumption,  here is what I am doing. 

Carry your own bag.  No more getting plastic bags from grocery shops.  I have decided to carry my own bags to shops. 

2. Say no to packaging
There is just mindless packaging around.  For buying a shirt,  we have to buy the outer box,  the plastic clips ,  the cardboards,  and other unnecessary packaging elements. 

So I am now concious about what I am buying.  Just buying the dress and not the package.  Say a strong NO to it. 

3. Plastic free home
There is literally so much of plastic around.  It looks impossible to clear the plastic out of the house.  But I have taken the first step and going to clear maximum plastic out of the house in the next one month.  Plastic out and no plastic out is going to be my policy. 

4. Carry your own water
Be it for a conference,  be it a small outing,  make sure to carry water along.  No more buying of packaged water. 

The lesser the demand,  the faster the  industry will  move towards biodegradable stuff. 

So create your own little impact in your locality.  You might be the only one to do this out there.  Doesn’t matter.  Start the journey and others will join you.