My Guru gave me this formula for Happiness. I simply love thinking over and over again on this formula.

Happiness = No. of desires fulfilled / No. of desires entertained

In the case of Alexander, he was trying to fulfill all his desires, while the monk at the banks of the Indus river, lived desire free!

We are neither Alexander nor the monk. 🙂 

So the way to be happy is either to fulfill all our desires (Which is impossible) or reduce the no. of desires. Being in control of the desires and not getting affected, even if they are not being fulfilled, I think,  is the best way for us. 

I thank all the people who mailed me their formula. Mentioning some of them below here.


happiness is when you choose to enjoy moments, good or bad, when you start enjoying your moments, you feel happy;
if you live more moments, and enjoy less, you’re less happy.
happiness is inversely proportional to the moments you’ve encountered and wasted over hatred, jealousy, sadness and other negatives; and directly proportional to the amount of enjoyment you’ve had; 🙂

Happiness =sadness / love 
sadness is numerator so that it can b divided with love or care which will ultimately bring happiness :p

This one is from the far east of Russia.. 

Happiness = (individual life capabilities) / (individual demands)

If the “value of Happiness” is close to 1, then person is happy with that capabilities he/she is worthy for. Person feels as much more happiness as the value is higher!

Happiness = Love / Gratitude


Happiness =Present (power) infinity + Forgotten past + Less planned Future

Happiness = Joy of Optimism *(Reading our heart out + Making others smile once a day) –  Expectations / pessimistic thoughts 

and finally

Happiness = no.of desires entertained / total no.of desires

I enjoyed reading through all the formulas and thinking over them. The next incomplete formula is on the way. 🙂