My learnings from a swimming class


I was spending my weekend in a village.  I have long been wanted to learn swimming,  but have never been able to learn it.  Mostly because of my block towards learning swimming from a public pool.
There was a huge fresh water tank in this particular village in the midst of some amazing flora and fauna.  So I decided to attend the swimming class taught by a swimming master.  With my initial stunt with tunes,  I decided to try without tube.  And it was quite fun learning to swim step by step.  Becoming mindful of the moves and bexoming one with the flow,  letting go of the initial fears,  letting go of your mental model that ‘if you don’t swim fast you will drown’ etc.
Every step was challenging and I really enjoyed posing my limits and challenging my fears.

It was also very interesting to watch kids learn swimming.  I was taking time out more and then to just observe the kids who were able to swim vs kids who were not.  And one thing was very clear,  the master being the same,  some kids faired really fast,  because they had the trust in the master.  They were able to let go of the tube,  because they trusted that the master is there to save them.  Where as there were a few kids who refused to let go of the life jacket.  And so they were still far behind in learning swimming.

This made me realize the role of god and that of a  master in one’s life.  When you believe that there is someone higher to take care when you fail,  it makes you a risk taker.  You get the strength to face the difficult of the difficult times with ease.  And those who don’t trust in their master or a higher consciousness,  they are mostly stuck between the same issues in life and life just revolves around the same issues over and over again.

Some people have so much faith in themselves.  That they don’t need a master of a god philosophy to pull them off.  That is also good.  What is important is that faith,  either in yourself or in something higher,  so that you can challenge your limitations and grow.