What do you do when everything goes wrong!


My master had to deliver an evening talk in an open ground. All arrangements were made and over 1000 people were expected to attend the talks. 

As fate would have it, there was a heavy downpour. So one of the organizers went to my master and said “Don’t worry master. I think the rain would stop in some time.”

My master, the witty kind that he was, asked “Have you ever seen me worrying!” 

And the organizer got the point. 🙂

There is so much depth to this poem. 

Whenever I am suffering, I pause and analyze where is this worry originating from and I discover that it is either in the past or in the future. 

Worries or the past or anxiety of the future is all where the mind wanders almost every time. Every great philosopher of the world has talked about the power of now. In THE NOW there is no worry. 

Remove two words from your dictionary – BLAME and GUILT. 

Let go off the worries of the past and the anxiety for the future.  (As I am writing to you, I am telling this to myself too.)

It is easier said than practiced. But I have SEEN a person living in THE NOW and worry free! So I KNOW it is possible. Let us start and little by little we will get there. 🙂