Sometime it is mind boggling to notice how great men have always had similar thoughts.

My master says “Don’t have a goal that is so low and that you achieve it. Have a goal that is too high and you should never be able to achieve it. Because achieving the goal is not the goal, striving to achieve the goal is the goal.”

Brilliant guidance. 

The same thought has been reflected in the Italian painter, architect and poet, Michelangelo’s words. 

1. Have a goal. It doesn’t matter whether you achieve it or not. But don’t fail to try. 

2. Don’t be limited by what you are today. You have infinite potential. All that you need to do is believe in it. 

3. You may fail several times. But keep the hope alive. 

4. What matters is whether you achieve your goal or not, but how much you learn and grow in the process.

Aim for the sky. Go fish for the moon. 

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