Wanted to share this little message that I got from Giacomo, from Italy. Inspiring. Thanks Gio. Now that you have transformed, help others transform too. I am sure there are many youngsters out there waiting to be inspired.  Best wishes. 


My name is Giacomo and I am from Italy, I recently download by accident your application, without having a clue of what was it about..And a day I read some post and i started to smile, amazed, thinking how funny is life and coincidences.

In the lastest years of my life, after an hard period of crisis, I had the feeling that I have to change something in my life, that I was missing something..

From there I made many changes in my life, I learned to meditate, to go bed earlier, I discovered yoga, I quitted smoking and drinking, I stopped eating meat, sugar and dairy products, learned to enjoy nature, I started to hiking a lot, i learned try new things and meet new people, I learned the importance to be grateful and to forgive, I learn to enjoy my self and to live in the present moment and to enjoy everyday lesson, and I’ve simplified my life a lot.

Instead of complaining and try to changing the world and the people around me, by slowly changing my point of view I learned that my present is the best possible moment, and that I can make the best action out of acceptance, gratitude and mindfulness.

Of course I did all of this step by step, with many resistances of my “inner child”, with many failures and mistakes, and many yet to come,but all of this led me from a person scared by the change, to be driven and inspired by the change. Even when I feel overwhelmed I accept it, I take it as an occasion to learn something new and I know it will foster my inner strength, and ultimately I’ve learned to give my self the possibility to make and accept mistakes.

The joy that all of this changes impressed in my life keeps me in doing my best and keep growing the best of me, and your site and your app is great source of inspiration, I check it daily and go back on old articles to inspire my day and creativity

Thank you


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