Wow! That’s a great perspective. 

One very powerful learning from my Guru is his mantra “KEEP SMILING”. 

And I have practiced that in every moment of my life. 

I used to be a very angry, serious person. But these two simple words made such a great impact in my life that I hardly worry over things. 

Rumi’s words resonate the same message. 

Why do you worry, when you know that grief is just a blessing!

Many a times, we don’t realize that what we think is a “crisis” is actually a blessing… 

As Steve Jobs said in his Stanford lecture “We will never be able to connect the dots, looking ahead. We can only connect the dots looking back.” 

Whatever happens in our life, when we look back in time makes much more sense. So the secret is to accept what fate offers us and see it as a blessing.

“My husband wants a divorce!”

“My son has abandoned me!”

“My Girl friend left me.”

It’s time we apply Rumi’s teachings here. 🙂

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